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Lead Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd.

Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products LTD (LRRPL) manufactures premium quality reclaimed rubber, crumb rubber powder and rubber granules. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Lead Reclaim and Rubber Products LTD (LRRPL) was established in 2012. LRRPS has proven itself to be a worthy competitor when it comes to delivering the best products to its customers while implementing necessary measures to protect the environment.

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10 Years Experience

Range of Products

Whole Tyre Reclaim Super Fine

Buty Reclaim Rubber

Natural Reclaim

Super fine grade, Pure whole tyre reclaim from fine powders, Well refined layers, Free of impurity, Available grade : LEAD-HT(Tensile 7.5mpa to 9.5mpa)

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Reclaimed rubber refers to the rubber recovered from scrap rubber. It is a process wherein scrap rubber is treated with heat, chemical agents and extensive churning for reuse. Reclaimed rubber is mainly used in the production of rubber mechanical goods.

At LEAD, we focus on manufacturing products by delving deep into our customer’s requirements. Solving specific problems, such as improving our production and manufacturing process, lowering costs, making products easily deliverable, ensuring their sustainability, etc.
Our products are manufactured using the best techniques that science and research has to offer and we make sure that our products maintain and deliver their maximum value.

“Our planet, our home, our responsibility, our motto”

We inherited the planet from our ancestors and we will pass it on to our children. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure the survival of our planet and our existence.

We at LEAD promise to recycle natural resources responsibly, without adding to the production of waste products and lowering the emission of greenhouse gasses. At our core, we believe in adopting sustainable measures to ensure a cleaner and greener environment

We began production at 1300 MT. Today, our reclaimed rubber production capacity is measured at 5400 MT/year and our goal is to grow exponentially in a decade


Business Philosophy

In face of two of Earth’s biggest challenges-limited resources and global warming-the recycling of materials has become a critical human endeavor.

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